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About Us

Cor quo vado - Heart, where am I going to ?


Such a simple question but one that often arises in our lives - heart, where am I going? Life sometimes gets boring, difficult, complicated, sad or dull but in good times and bad, the most important thing is to lift up our thoughts and tell ourselves that wherever we go, we must not forget to take with us the smile of the thoughts of gratitude for being alive and for having the possibility to choose our paths.

Cor quo vado is a simple way to feel free, elegant and beautiful.


Inspired by the joy of life of the contemporary and demanding woman.


Together, it's more than 50 years of beach, water sports and love for nature between Rio de Janeiro and Montreux...


Two different sisters who share the same passions and let their hearts always guide them to where there is sun and good energy. With an elegant, simple, free and dynamic lifestyle, Cor quo vado aims to encourage and embellish your days outside and make them more and more full of happiness and good energy, without giving up style and comfort. 


When the heart is sunny, every season is summer. With 100% Brazilian production, quality, comfort and ecological awareness.


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