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A huge hit on Brazilian beaches, the canga (pareo in english) / beach towel is a special piece and as its name suggests, on one side it's a pareo, with colorful prints, and on the other it's a beach towel.

Very practical! Two in one! The pareo / beach towel has no restrictions: you can use it at the beach, boat, lake, baths, spa or pool. With light viscose / cotton fabrics it stands out for its multifunction, its relaxed design and its bright and elegant colors. On the beach, to lie on the sand or in your chair and, of course, to dry off, after all, the fabric is super soft and absorbent and made of 100% cotton.

At the same time, it is easy to dry, light and practical.

Another difference is that it can be used as beachwear. And there are many ways to do it, adapting to your body and your style.

The pareo / beach towel is here to stay and make our lives easier. So, how about choosing your model for this season?

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