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Scarves - a timeless accessory

The scarf has long been a wardrobe staple. It was already playing its role as an accessory in the heads of the ever-elegant queens of ancient Egypt before it made its debut in Hollywood. In the golden age of cinema, it became a wild card for Audrey Hepburn, and it wasn't long before luxury brands also fell under the spell of scarves by tying them around the necks of models, or wearing them on their heads.

Now celebrities, influencers and the web seem to be embracing the scarf look.

And the reason is clear: whether it's the scarf or the scarf itself, it's a trend that's everywhere at the moment.

And the reason is clear: whether it's to look chic or to hide a bad hairstyle, scarves are the right choice. In some cases, they even turn into clothes, like little sleeveless blouses. Blouses made from scarves are the bold new sensation of the season. It's an unusual but stylish way to complete your look.

Cor quo vado also embraced this trend and we even completed our looks with a chain.

This is exactly why the scarf remains a wild card: it is a flexible, easy and super fashionable accessory. Be creative - use and over-use our scarves

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