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The importance of summer vocations.

While summer always brings dreams of weekend or whole-weeks getaways, the urge to get the hell out of town has never been stronger since the pandemic restrictions finally started to ease. But the age-old question remains: where, exactly, should I go. Do you have already decided where you would like to enjoy some sunny days?

Regardless of your choice of destination, at Cor quo vado we believe in the importance of summer vocations.

Vocations are not a luxury, they are a necessity and are good not only for our mood but also for our health.

Discover 5 evidences of the importance of vacations:

  1. Vacations have the potential to break the stress cycle. After the holidays we are better able to face the demands of the world.

  2. Vacations improve general health and well-being general health status like humor, blood pressure, energy level, fatigue and life satisfaction.

  3. Vacations contribute to increased productivity at work.

  4. The change of pace imposed by the holidays contributes to the increase of creativity.

  5. Family vacations contribute positively to family bonding, communication and solidarity. They promote growing and lasting family connections.

Vacations is an important predictor of our well-being, life satisfaction, health, work engagement, creativity and even marital satisfaction, that’s why we wish you a beautiful summer, full of health and good vibes.

Cor quo vado is a simple way to feel free, elegant and beautiful. Inspired by the joy of life of the contemporary and demanding woman.

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